Energy of ocean currents

The energy of marine currents is a form of energy obtained from the use of their kinetic energy. Although not currently widely used, ocean currents have significant potential for future electricity generation. Importantly, ocean currents are more predictable sources of energy than wind and sunlight.

"Tidal current turbine"

Advantages of ocean currents

There are many advantages that can be obtained from the use of marine currents, among these we can mention:

  • They have a high predictability; since both the currents caused by inertial causes and the tidal currents maintain known and practically constant flows, according to the time of year.
  • They have a capacity factor of forty percent (40%) to sixty percent (60%); becoming double that of other renewable energies.
  • They generate a minimum impact to the environment; they do not produce visual contamination, pollution or noise since their rotors are slow enough, not affecting marine life.
  • They have a high energy capacity.
  • They have a significant advantage over systems located on the coast or those that harness the energy of waves; since, the conditions under the sea during a storm are relatively benign.
  • They constitute a lower cost of construction and maintenance.
  • They imply a shorter return on investment.